Ya Kasaisen A brand

100% herbal medication

Ya Kasaisen A brand have been approved by
The Food and Drug Administration of Thailand.
Registration number G 198/50

Since 2007
Bar code : 8857200207430

Indications: for body pain, wasting disease
(such as stiffness of knee, tendons, ligaments, waist pain,
frozen shoulder, knee stiffness no pain, knee pain, back pain
(musculotendinous strain), lumbar pain,
plantar fasciitis).

Composition: contains Tao-yeud-end, General Yakasaisen doesn’t have this herb, and furthermore,
it contains Derris scandens Benth, also called Tao-wan-priang.

Ya Kasaisen A Brand : stiffnes knee

According to treated patients in clinics, Yakasaisen A brand can treat patients who
have swelling knee by continuously using this medication for a period of time.

This medication can treat many patients who are supposed to have nerve surgery,
apart from the case of herniated disk that can’t recovered by Ya Kasaisen A brand,
but it can relieve that symptom and also stiffness of knee, tendons, ligaments,
waist pain, knee pain and back pain.

For patients who have herniated disk we recommend
chiropractic treatment together with Ya kasaisen A brand and
Shark Cartilage A Brand
(Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Fracture, Bone-Cartilage Tonic)

In case of Herniated Nucleus Pulposus, most patients will get better and
experience no pain after getting massages,
and getting muscle relaxant & anti-inflammation medication,
but pain symptoms will come back after the medication effects wear off.
The symptoms of Herniated Nucleus Pulposus are as follows:

Having intermittently pain or stiffness, or changing positions of pain, getting better after have massages,
but pain symptoms coming back after for a period.

Ya Kasaisen A brand can treat stiffness of knee, tendons,
ligaments symptoms, and pain of a wasting disease.

Ya Kasaisen A brand uses an original recipe from traditional treatment Doctor Ruangyot’ father.
He had knowledge of herbal medicine,
and he discovered this Ya Kasaisen A brand recipe
in order to treat tendon stiffness in himself;
the symptoms improved a lot step by step until he recovered completely.
Therefore, he would like to help other patients, so he registered this Ya Kasaisen.

stiffness leg arm

What is a wasting disease or Kasaisen

"Ya" in the word of Thai meaning "medicine".

The word of wasting disease or “Kasaisen” in terms of Thai traditional medicine means
a disease caused by degradation of the physical body;
the word "sen" in this context means tendons, ligaments, and all the muscles of the body.

Symptoms of wasting disease or “Kasaisen” are as follows:
1.Inflammation of tendons, pain (or burning pain) in tendons or arms or legs.
2.Back pain (back tendon or back muscle pain) or lumbar pain down to the legs,
some cases pain all the way down to the feet.
3.Stiffness or tension or cramps in arms, legs, knees, abdomen, and behind the neck.
This can cause of inability to lift arms, difficulty with squatting or sitting on the floor,
difficulty with standing up or twisting the body.
4.Body pain, such as pain in shoulders, arms or legs, inability to stretch arms up.
5.Plantar fasciitis, sore feet or heels make walking difficult.
6.Knee pain or swelling (patients who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis
mostly have knee stiffness, while other patients have a spiral lump or varicose vein behind the knee).
7.Knee stiffness no pain.
8.Stiff tendons behind knee. Stiff muscle behind knee
9.Stiffness of tendons, ligaments; some patients get well after getting massage,
but pain comes back again after 1-2 days.


The response of the people who use Ya Kasaisen A Brand

  Stiffness of knee kasaisen a brand

stiffness knee kasaisen A brand
stiffness legs kasaisen A brand


The response of the people who use Ya Kasaisen A Brand (Thai)

Recipes or formulas for Ya Kasaisen of each company are different,
so properties and indications are also different.
Ya Kasaisen A brand is not a laxative drug and doesn’t contain any steroids or modern medication.
It is not painkiller, and does not damage the stomach.
However, patients treated by Ya Kasaisen A brand get treatment for the cause of the pain and
treatment should continue until recovery.
And patient can continue to take or not take this medication after recovery.
Ya Kasaisen A brand does not damage the stomach, so patients can ingest it before or after meals.

It should be taken 1/2-1 hours before meals in order to get better absorption.
According to most patients, they usually get a combination of treatments with modern and traditional medicines,
which have tendon relaxant or painkiller which damage the stomach and can cause gastric ulcer;
therefore we produce the Ya Kasaisen A brand that contains a gastric ulcer healing herb.

*Patients who get massages treatment should take Ya Kasaisen A brand tablets in order to
relieve stiffness in tendons and to reduce inflammation of the massages.
If there are symptom of very tight or coiled tendons,
the patient should get massage by an expert massager together
with taking Ya Kasaisen A brand
(patients usually feel pain during massage or press down slightly,
but they have to hold on to release tight tendons).
In case of neck pain from Facet Joint Impingement,
it is suggested to take Yakasaisen A brand with Antipyretic A brand.

Dosage of Ya Kasaisen A brand:
use: 3 tablets, 2 times daily, 1/2hr before meals,
and avoid taking other medication within 2 hours to prevent drug interaction,
except Antipyretic Tablet A brand.

For example, in case of neck pain from Facet Joint Impingement,
start by taking either a Antipyretic Tablet A brand or Ya Kasaisen A brand tablet,
and then take the other one after an hour.

How to know that Ya Kasaisen A brand is effective.

Because each patient has different symptoms and conditions, and also time of disease,
there are various effects of using Ya Kasaisen A brand, according to the experience of patients:
Some patients get better in terms of tendons being tight, relieved after taking medication 2-3 times
Some people feel gradually better after taking 3 packets (1 packet 24 tablets).
But some cases (a few) getting worse in terms of tendon and body pain in the first 2-4 days
after beginning to take this medication. Afterwards, those patients will get better
called “Ya-pai-lai-sen” or medication to pursue the tendons.

So, we recommend patients to take 6 packets
of medication continuously in the beginning.

Food that is harmful to patients suffering from wasting disease,
such as partridge, bamboo shoot, some brands of beer
(because components for each beer are different).

It is a nonprescription drug that costs 20 USD for each packet of pills with 24 tablets.
Minimum order quantity
Ya Kasaisen A brand
is at least 6 packets 120 USD.


Buy Ya Kasaisen A brand 12 packets,
Get 1 packet Free = 13 packets.
240 USD.


(Parcels are to send from Thailand via Thailand Post)
It will take about 4-9 business days.

Have Tracking Number.
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Kasaisen A Brand   

All of our herbal medication packed in aluminum foil (Strip pack).
• Prevents moisture and bacteria, because there are moisture and microorganisms
in the atmosphere that can contaminate the tablets if they are contained in a bottle
that has been opened. Some microorganisms produce toxins that are dangerous to the human body.
• Portable for people who need to travel.
• All of our herbal medication are tablets which prevent deterioration of medication because of sunlight.
• No preservatives for making medication tablets, but drug capsule shells are made from gelatin
which is bone and skin of animal that supports bacteria growing, so capsule manufacturers have to put
preservatives in gelatin, and in this case they often use unhygienic raw material, so they have to put in
more preservative until it is higher than the standard limited which is harmful to patients.

• Reduce the risk of getting infection from animals, such as Mad Cow Disease,
because gelatin is made ​​from bones or the skin of animals, such as cows or pigs.
And it is also a violation to people who are vegetarians.

Ya Kasaisen A brand 6 packets 120 USD.



Buy Ya Kasaisen A brand 12 packets,
Get 1 packet Free = 13 packets.
240 USD.