Shark Cartilage A brand

Shark Cartilage A Brand

have been approved by
The Food and Drug Administration of Thailand.
Registration number
Shark Cartilage A Brand
Bar code : 8857200207478

Suitable for: Unconnected fractures,
Fracture, Bone & Cartilage Tonic,
Knee pain,Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis.

The best to boost bone to connect.
In 1Month.

shark cartilage

Recipes or formulas for Shark Cartilage A brand
of each company are different,
so properties and indications are also different.


The response of the people who use Shark Cartilage A Brand (Thai)

Hand Fractures and Pain.

น้องต้อง กระดูกมือหักหลายตำแหน่ง(25 July 2018)
หมอผ่าตัดดามเหล็ก25 July 2018
แล้วผ่าเอาเหล็กออกวันที่ 15 August 2018
แต่กระดูกที่แตกย่อยๆ ยังไม่ติด และยังมีอาการปวด
เมื่อรับประทาน กระดูกอ่อนปลาฉลาม ตรา เอ(27 August 2018)
ก่อนนอนมื้อแรก อาการปวดตุ๊บๆก็หายไป
รับประทานไปเพียง 9 วัน
เอ็กซเรย์แล้วกระดูกก็ติดกันได้ดีมาก(5 September 2018)



Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis Bone Tonic shark cartilage a brand


Knee pain.

Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis Bone Tonic shark cartilage a brand


Mother's knee pain. Can not walk 2 years.

knee pain cannot walk 2 years


Dosage of Shark Cartilage A brand:
use: 3 tablets, twice daily, before or after meals

So, we recommend patients to take 6 packets
of medication continuously in the beginning.

It is a nonprescription drug that costs 70 USD for each packet of pills with 30 tablets.
Minimum order quantity
Shark Cartilage A brand
is at least 6 packets 420 USD.


(Parcels are to send from Thailand via Thailand Post)
It will take about 4-9 business days.

Have Tracking Number.
Check your parcel online

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All of our herbal medication packed in aluminum foil (Strip pack).
• Prevents moisture and bacteria, because there are moisture and microorganisms
in the atmosphere that can contaminate the tablets if they are contained in a bottle
that has been opened. Some microorganisms produce toxins that are dangerous to the human body.
• Portable for people who need to travel.
• All of our herbal medication are tablets which prevent deterioration of medication because of sunlight.
• No preservatives for making medication tablets, but drug capsule shells are made from gelatin
which is bone and skin of animal that supports bacteria growing, so capsule manufacturers have to put
preservatives in gelatin, and in this case they often use unhygienic raw material, so they have to put in
more preservative until it is higher than the standard limited which is harmful to patients.

• Reduce the risk of getting infection from animals, such as Mad Cow Disease,
because gelatin is made ​​from bones or the skin of animals, such as cows or pigs.